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 environmental justice is a radical social transformation
“All living beings, things that move, are equally important, whether they are human beings, dogs, birds, fish, trees, ants, weeds, rivers, wind or rain. To stay healthy and strong, life must have clean air, clear water and pure food.
John Africa, MOVE
we move radically toward justice
Frontline Detroit is a living assembly of rooted Detroiters, building revolutionary power, through bottom-up, intergenerational, Black and Indigenous led organizing, and fighting for environmental justice as a radical transformation of society.

As Frontline Detroiters, we are Black, Brown, and Indigenous people building an inclusive, people’s movement in a region known for extreme wealth gaps, emergency management, environmental racism, and exploitation of workers. We are building power to transform our world: to dismantle systems that exploit people and the environment and to build a future world where people have the resources and capacity to heal each other and  to heal our ecosystems. We move radically because we have to realize environmental, economic, and social justice in our lifetimes

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