Frontline Detroit: May Day 2020 Statement

Statement on May Day 2020, by Frontline Detroit

On What World Worker’s Day Means to Us

As people fighting, mourning, resisting, and transforming on the Frontlines of this land, Waawiyaataanong (known by its colonial name, “Detroit”), we take this moment on this the 1st of May, known globally as May Day or International Workers Day, to uplift our struggle(s) and those struggles of our kinfolk and comrades around the world. 

While we uplift workers and the revolutions around the world waged by workers and members of the working class, we also highlight the resistant ways of living embodied by the poor, the downtrodden, the unemployable, those people who are rejected by labour markets and disregarded by those systems which have come to define ‘society’. 

We uplift and honor our indigenous communities all over the world, those people living in their homelands and those who have been displaced, still living in right relationship with the Earth and with all her offspring. 

We uplift (de)colonized and oppressed people all over the world who fall under the brutal reach of imperialism and continue to resist, thus transforming our world through their struggles for justice and for life itself, totally reimagined. 

We uplift dark-skinned, Black and African people all over the world, who all over the world are met with anti-Blackness, hatred, abjection, and rejection, and yet, who radiate beauty.

We uplift the women, femmes, mothers, and sisters of the world, especially those in the Global South, whose work and labour are undervalued and disregarded, while all of society relies and rests on them. 

We uplift our kinfolk living with disabilities, knowing that it is capitalistic societyin its hatred of difference and diversitythat values human bodies only for productivity that disables us.

We uplift those in Detroit who are living with their water shutoff by the corrupt and criminal Mayoral Administration of Mike Duggan. We uplift those in Flint still living without clean water, after several government administrations, hellbent on austerity and defunding public utilities, conspired to expose the people to poisoned water.

We uplift poor, Black and Brown communities all over the country living without clean, affordable water, with polluted air, on land which is degraded by greedy corporations and private firms.

We uplift the poor everywhere, for whom healthy environments are made an over-priced commodity and not a human right.


AND as we uplift our kinfolk and our comrades on this World Worker’s Day, we call for an immediate end to all of those systems and structures which place us in horrific living conditions, which attempt to degrade and dehumanize us, and against whom we wage tireless revolutions of unwavering, principled commitments, of (re)imagination, of joy, and of endless creativity. 

We call for an end to these globally expanding systems of militarism, imperialism, and police terror which continue to grow in size and increase their capacity to make death;

We call for an end to neo-colonialism, exploitative and extractive financial systems;

We call for an end to the drilling of oil;

We call for an end to the privatisation of water;

We call for the abolition of systems of mass incarceration;

We struggle against and wage love against systems of White terrorism, classism and elitism, nationalistic chauvinism, patriarchy and misogyny (the hating of and violence against women), ableism, hetero-sexism, anti-Blackness, transphobia, environmental degradation, and all other oppressive systems  which serve to express in material ways what is the  spiritual condition of many of those in “power”, their disregard and contempt for life; 


AND as much as we struggle against oppression and structures of domination, we dream, imagine, plan, and build toward freedom and liberation as a material reality, to be experienced, in our lifetime:

We call for the restoration of homelands all over the world to indigenous, native and First Nations Peoples;

We call for reparations and compensation through land for all people victimised by colonialism, chattel slavery, and European imperialism in modern times, with special focus on the condition of Afro-descended people worldwide;

We call for the liberation of the natural resources from corporate greed, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, South Asia, and in all indigenous homelands. We call on our comrades to move toward land reform and toward the nationalization of all mines and natural resources held by foreign banks;

We call for a global shift toward regenerative and innovative economic systems;

And ultimately, we call for love, compassion, hope, solidarity, understanding, and commitment to self-transformation in all communities and collectives of the world’s people, all workers and those who cannot find formal “work” alike.


We know that surviving, thriving, and living against the odds is work and is among the most valuable forms of work possible. So to all our kinfolk and comrades who find themselves facing long odds, we say live longer! All power to the people! Free the land! Long live the revolution!